Volume 13. Can you eat your way to healthy skin?

Believe it or not your skin is your bodies largest organ. Your skin is an outward reflection of what is occurring in your body. It is giving you intel into your hormonal health, your gut health and your mental health which is why “every time you eat, you are either feeding disease or staving it”. Strangely diet is often overlooked when people are looking to heal their skin, however it is imperative that your skin is treated in a holistic manner. A variety of factors such as chemical intolerances, mental health issues, food intolerances and poor gut microbiome can all play a role in a variety of skin ailments.

Considering all of the above factors we have included our top 4 types of foods to consider incorporating into your diet for healthier, thriving skin:  

  1. Choose anti-inflammatory foods that are rich in fibre. This may include: oatmeal, unrefined grains, fresh fruit and vegetables (berries and beetroot are particularly great!) and fatty fish such as salmon.
  2. Choose low chemical foods. Try and stay away from turmeric and almonds which are high in salicylates (chemicals produced by plants). Great food alternatives could include whole grains and lean meats. Try to avoid artificial flavourings, food colourings and preservatives. Foods high in natural chemicals can cause toxicity in the body which may present as inflammation and skin rashes. 
  3. In order to ensure a healthy gut microbiome ensure you are consuming enough probiotics in your diet. Inadequate probiotics in combination with poor food choices can slow down digestion and compromise the bacterial environment in your gut. Try implementing a pro biotic and pre biotic supplement.
  4. Choose low glycemic foods! Refined carbs such as white pasta and white bread or refined processed foods such as cookies and lollies can increase inflammation and acne in particular. Low GI foods such as oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice can really help to clear up skin.