We believe that there is beauty in simplicity. We believe that skin care should be composed without the excess. The vitality and preservation of your skin is an integral part of everyday life and should be nourished with vitamins and minerals that have been specifically curated to transcend your skin. We have taken the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn’t use, and have simplified it all by mastering formulations that nurture the natural necessities of your complexion. Every formulation is created with 100% natural, non toxic, certified organic ingredients sourced in their most pure and ethical forms of harvest in Australia. Honey Health And Wellness is Australian made and Australian owned and is palm oil free and not tested on animals. We believe good skin care shouldn't cost the earth. The founder behind Honey Health And Wellness knows that there is opulence in authenticity and each ingredient chosen is a reflection of this. Honey has been built to heal, restore and replenish. Lucent and fresh, inspired by the beautiful simplicities in life.


Honey Health And Wellness was created with the intention to provide skin care that is straight forward and simple. " After suffering with acne for many years I was tired of using products that were stripping my skin, making it sting and in many cases making worse, I wanted to create an overall luxurious experience for customers. Applying skin care should make you feel good. The way products feel, the way they smell, and the feeling after application all matter when you are working to heal the skin. I think skin care has gotten really complicated for no good reasons and that leaves many consumers, including my self in the early phases of my skin woes feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to provide a simple routine, that nourishes the skin with non toxic, organic ingredients, which is why I created our Back To Basics Range." Marissa Otis, founder of Honey Health And Wellness.