Volume 11. How to cut down on cosmetic waste

Did you know, according to Vogue business, around 20-40% of beauty products end up in the waste? ⁠How many products do you have sitting in your cupboards? Ok, now how many of them do you actually use? ⁠

⁠It's time to cut down on cosmetic waste. The key to radiant skin lies in good ingredients and consistency. Less is more.

So how does the beauty industry wind up contributing to so much waste? 

Unfortunately, is near it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact contributing factors of wastage in the beauty space. This is mostly due to the lack of accurate statistics  being recorded, in combination with a lack of candour from larger corporations. However, the current data available suggests that formula testers, unsold or returned products, expired products sitting in warehouses or on store shelves, discontinued products being sent to the landfill; and unused products sitting in customers’ homes, being the main contributors. 

Here are our 5 tips to cut down on cosmetic waste:

1. Check expiration dates! All makeup and skincare products will have an expiration date. This date is effective from the moment you open the product. Expiration dates are printed on the outside of the packaging. If you have a look at some of your current beauty products, you will notice a jar symbol followed by a number and the letter ‘M’. This indicates how many months you are able to safely use the product.

2. Purchase multi purpose products! A quality face oil can be utilised to remove makeup and cleanse, while also being used all over the body, working as a moisturiser.

3. Use reusable products. Swap out your makeup wipes and cotton rounds for reusable cotton face pads.

4. Give your products to charity. If a product is still within its expiration period but you know you won’t use it, charities such as Every Little Bit Counts or Friends with Dignity will be able to pass products on to people in need.

5. Dispose of expired products properly. The best option is to drop off expired products at your nearest council waste centre. This way your products will be disposed of properly. 

6. Don’t wash unused products down the sink!
Manufactured micro-beads and micro plastics can be really harmful in our waterways.